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Youzhong New Energy (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.

Youzhong New Energy (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. is a technological innovation oriented national high-tech enterprise owning the variable frequency vector control technology, Photovoltaic MPPT technology, various software copyrights and invention patents, integrated with research, production, and technology.


Quality, technology and manufacturing ability is our prominent advantage.have over ten years of experience of designing and manufacturing in variable frequency drive that endowed us with excellent quality control and manufacturing ability. Quality is the foundation of our customers’ constant trust on us.YOUZHONG is dedicated Io intelligent pump drive solutions and supply various kinds of simple-operation series of pump drive,permanent magnetic pump drive, photovoltaic pump drive and have established long term strategic cooperation with many pump manufacturers We have finished lots of energy-saving projects of water supply;accumulated rich experience of developing products and customers and built a good reputation in the industry.


Adhering to the principle of pragmatism, innovation, cooperation and commitment, YOUZHONG is specialized in intelligent pump applications and devotes itself to solutions of global photovoltaic and water supplying system ,enables users to enjoy the comfort of using water with constant pressure and makes significant contributions to solving the global energy and ecological problems.


For more info,please visit our website,www.yz-share.com.





Y660 pump smart box series products: suitable for all kinds of small single pump water supply systems; black diamond steel box process shell, anti?oxidation anti-rust paint, three colors, perfect matching all kinds of pumps. A variety of water supply mode one-button switching, all-round protection mode for the pump to protect the escort, low noise, low vibration, to prevent all disturbance factors, 24 hours to provide you with a comfortable water experience.





The photovoltaic water pumping system is fully automatic and does not need to be manually guarded. The system consists of a solar cell array; a photovoltaic pump controller and a water pump. It saves energy storage devices such as water storage batteries, replaces electricity with water storage, and directly drives the pump to lift water. Reliability High, while significantly reducing system construction and maintenance costs.


The photovoltaic water pump controller is used to adjust the water pump speed according to the change of the sunshine intensity, so that the output power is close to the maximum power of the solar battery. When the sunshine is sufficient, the speed of the water pump does not exceed the rated speed. When the sunshine is insufficient, according to whether the minimum operating frequency is set, Satisfied, otherwise it will stop running automatically.


The pump is driven by a three-phase AC motor that draws water from a deep well, injects it into a reservoir tank, or directly into an irrigation system. Different types of pumps can be used to work according to actual system requirements and installation conditions. Cost-effective solutions can be provided according to the needs of the region and customers。





Water supply mode is more suitable


The home pump drive is designed specially for improving home pump performance based on the requirement of domestic water use. It is easy and simple to operate with keypads on the drive including multi-functions such as upward pressure boost, down ward pressure boost, auto-start on power,water shortage protection,quick pressure setting,quick parameters checking,etc.The Y630 drive perfectly matches the horizontal home water pump,can be installed directly on the motor eliminating the large cabinet for holding ordinary VFDs.

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